When the fight comes to an end : Track record of a unique Networking Event in Mexico.

8 avril, 2019by

On April 2nd and April 3rd  took place one of the biggest Networking Event of Mexico. Novahub was there...

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21 mars, 2019by

During the last 10 years, urban population has detonated worldwide. With more people each day living in cities, dog...

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E-show 2019: The fight club for entrepreneurs, a unique event of Networking for Capital Ventures

20 mars, 2019by

First rule of the Entrepreneur Fight Club : Talk about the Entrepreneur Fight Club. #ESHOWMX19 #FUNDRAISING2019 #INVESTMENT #INNOVATION #TECHSTARTUPS...

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We were with the best Startups at CES Vegas this 2019!

4 mars, 2019by

It was a month but the 2019 CES, where the best startups in the world meet, is still an...

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BitBox | Minimalist hardware wallet

4 mars, 2019by

It has been a few years since the explosion of Bitcoins at $20,000. But with this explosion and the...

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LABEATALOT : A smarter house for a safer home

19 février, 2019by

We all have an experience with robery or home security issues. A friend, a family member that have been...

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Sunflower Lab: The promess of a modern guard dog

18 février, 2019by

What has been the most go-to way to protect your property since the dawn of time? The go to...

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On a été visiter l’école des mines de Gardanne

23 octobre, 2018by

On a été visiter l’école des mines de Gardanne, une école d’ingénieur où il y a plusieurs laboratoire de...

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18 octobre, 2018by

STARTUPS DE LA SEMAINE 👉 #AMFT rayonne à l’international 🚀 Tellement que ces 2 #startups viennent de rejoindre notre...

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