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A few weeks ago took place The Entrepreneur Fight Club in Mexico City,
where Novahub got the opportunity to meet and discuss with plenty of Start-Ups
and entrepreneurs with revolutionizing ideas. Today, we wanted to present you the
winner of the EFC, Polybion.

Polybion® is a Pioneer company in South America in the bio fabrication of
materials on an industrial scale. The company was founded on November 25th,
2015 by the Engeneer in BioTechnology from the Tecnológico de Monterrey
Campus Monterrey, Axel Gómez-Ortigoza, his brother Alexis Gómez-Ortigoza,
graduated in Finance from the same College, and the Dra. From the UNAM
Bárbara González Rolón, expert in Material Sciences.

They replicate natural processes of production of unique material in lab and
then, on an industrial scale. The Biopolymers represent a new generation of
materials that comes from natural processes that can be reabsorbed once they
can’t be used.

As the global population keeps growing, the ressources available
stay limited, therefore, the goal for Polybion® was to find the most profitable
methods to satisfy the raising demand of material without damaging the

Those new materials are cultivated instead of being manufactured.
The Green Technologies and Innovation needed by the human beings are not that
easy to find but they exist in the nature nucleus. As a consecuence, imitate those
materials would be a great starting point to build the best future possible for the
Humanity. That’s the main focus of Polybion®.

Polybion® uses biological agents and processes to obtain biopolymers.
More than just genetic modification for the biological agents used during their
processes, Polybion® is developping ameliorations in the caracteristics of the
mecanic of the material. The company patented in Mexico and in the US for a low-
cost method to modify genetically the biological organism used for the production
of their materials.

The Business Model of Polybion® is simple, wastes as raw
material and nature as production body. For instance, Polybion® used as raw
material straws, wheat bran or rice peel. This circular Business Model is one of the main competitive advantage of the company and represent a great future for the
environment and climate change.

Thus far, Polybion® has developped two materials:

Fungicel® is a biopolymer made from fungus mycelium and agricultural wastes. It’s
a subsitute for Expensible Polystierene in most of its uses. The material has a
productive process with negative carbon footprint, it’s degradable and can be
converted into compost in 30 days.

Celium® is the first biological component developped in South Amerdica, rose from
bacteriums and wastes from agroindustry, can be used as a subsitute of animal
leather. Its production has a negative carbon footprint too and doesn’t involve the
growth and death of bovines. It also requires only 10% of the water used to create
animal leather, without generating methane.

If you are curious to learn more about the innovative material Polybion is offering,
check their website :