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We all have an experience with robery or home security issues. A friend, a family member that have been robbed in the street, at the beach, or in their very own house. Most of the time it is a traumatizing experience to live that makes you think you will never feel safe again because even the locks on your door can not reassure you.

Luckily for the victims, there are people around the world willing to fight this, willing to bring security back in their life. People that have the idea and the knowledge to help them. So today we will be talking about a start-up from Taiwan called Labeatalot that tends to bring you home safety.

Their project is, on paper, pretty simple : bring the AI technology to your home so you can regain control of your security and the one of your family. Their technology is based on the IoT ( Internet of Things ), which is a network of connected object around your house that will send you an alert if something unsual is detected. It offers a full view over your home, thanks to cameras that are directly linked to your smartphone, equipped with motion sensors so they will only turn on if someone passes through. They also offers motion sensors windows that will send a notification on your smartphone if someone tries to break into your house. It gives you a full control of the visitors management with a « target » system in the app that will allow you to follow one person inside your house.

This system will reduce the risks of false alarm of 99% without risking to compromise your privacy. Indeed, the cameras will automatically turn off when you pass in front of it.

More than just a look to your house it allows you to stay aware of the differents movements, persons or activities that go around your property. You can track what is your dog doing or if the nanny is taking good care of your kids for example with a fiability that comes close to excellence thanks to an automatics arm/disarm system without any passwords.

This technology helps you regain control of your own security while not compromising your private life thanks to their data privacy policy.

Non one wants to live in fear, no one wants to experiment the moment when you’re being awoken by some noises inside your house while you’re home alone. This technology gives you this security and in a few years from now, you will be able to say « Labeatalot helped me feel home again ».

If you want to learn more about Labeatalot’s product, please check their website :