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Today we are going to talk about the IOT (Internet of Thing), an innovation that is being put under the spotlight to fight against COVID 19.
In the real estate, the concentration of certain pollutants is at least twice as high inside the buildings than outside. Air quality and the current situation reinforce the need to adopt new measures to protect the health of hundreds of employees.
IOT therefore plays a decisive role in the air quality control in these buildings with for instance:
Sensors that monitor and report the air quality of the different rooms where they are operational.
A CEW connected to these sensors that can translate the data from them
And finally, a HCVA system that automates air quality control by activating or deactivating the building's ventilation systems
Apart from a health aspect, this technology can also be beneficial from a neuro-marketing and influence consumer purchases in shopping malls perspective. Studies have shown that by walking in a healthier environment, the consumer will be more inclined to buy. However, its primary use will be focusing on hygiene and health.
IOT also intervene with wearable. Startups like Rokid has developed thermal goggles that can detect the temperature of 200 people in less than 2 minutes as long as they stay at a distance of less than 3 meters. These goggles couple IOT and augmented reality with a hand free voices control to record lives and photographs.
Their customer focus are hospitals, law enforcement and business oriented B2B according to the president of the startup.
The data retrieved by these glasses is not put in the cloud but stored locally to protect customers’ privacy.
Blockchain and the iot can have a strong synergy to fight against covid-19. Ubirch and Centogene have partnered up on a solution that will allow easy mass testing for COVID-19.
Blockchain, on the other hand, protects the privacy of users, a sensitive topic in countries where health surveillance is omnipresent.
Moreover, this crisis will not negatively impact the development of IOT startups, according to Juniper Research Ubirch and this technology will generate 66 000 Million dollars in 2020, 20% more than the previous year.
This crisis affirms the position of certain sectors of activity that are exploding in a good way and that will emerge as leading industries when the crisis will come to an end. It is important to redesign its organizational and financial strategy to be able to face this crisis and diversify its portfolio in innovation.

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