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What has been the most go-to way to protect your property since the dawn of time? The go to way to scare thiefs to break into your home ? The go to way to make sure no one will dare coming to your business to steal your products? Guard dogs.

Just think about it, having a system able to manage itself, to detect intruders thanks to its differents senses developped through thousands of year to hunt, to scare them while alerting you something was going wrong. But how would you know what happened ? Who tried to rob you ? Was it a thief or just the postman ? Or the neighboors’ cat ?

With the technological Revolution, we abandonned it for cameras. But how do you manage to know what happen in the dead angles ? How can you make sure you see everything around your property if you have 20 cameras and only 2 eyes ?

Now, what if I told you there was a way to mix all the qualities of a guard dog and the cameras but transforming their weaknesses into strenghts ? That’s what Sunflower Lab offers.

Sunflowers Lab is a start-up from the Sillicon Valley that offers a flying security made of the composants : the first one is « the Sunflower », a garden lamp that detects any unsual movement thanks to its motion captors. Once the movement is detected it lights up the scene and send a request to the second part « The Bee » which is a drone equipped with a camera.

« The Bee » will fly accross your garden to the element that turned on the Sunflower through the safest way, avoiding obstacles in the air thanks to differents captors that will scan it environment. The camera will have to record the scene and will always be oriented to the exterior of your house so it will never have images of you. More than just a camera it can also put the video live on the application previously downloaded on your smartphone so you can know what is precisely happening.

Once the drone flew to the scene and filmed it, it will come back to the thrid and last part of the product «  The Hive », a self-charging base that will protect the drone from weather conditions.

This technology, made to protect your home, is based on AI so it can recognize the different elements that can travel through your garden (people, animals, cars) thanks to speed and motion sensors that will compare it with the data inside the program but also keep learning how to recognize the common visitors of you place.

What Sunflower Lab is offering you is a just a step forward in a more comfort and safer life, it’s a jump with the purpose to help you make the final leap to a full protected house, where fear is not invited.

If you want more informations about their product and service, you will find them to their website here :