The selected STARTUPS will have the opportunity to participate in a 1 year  semi-presential SOFTLANDING program with a 2.6 millions pesos investment (115k €)

The Sofltanding program consists in a commercial mission and a raising capital journey, that will help you to expand your business. The program offers these unique advantages:

We help you to grow your business

on your home country and

to the whole world

from France


    Startup VISA

    Additional investment in tech up to 50 K 

  • This will depend on the potential of the innovative tech component.

    Raising Capital Journey.

  • Once you’ve closed your first success case you’ll be candidate for additional funding (up to 5 Million €)
  • Access to a portfolio of 64 french VC funds.
  • Interest free credits to support the growth of your business

   Certified Consultancy

    Closing potential clients

    Strategic corporate partnerships      generation

We will be receiving applications until we’ve selected the 10 most promising  & disruptive Startups with Global Impact.



Step 1

Complete the Application Form. Think that you’re applying to an acceleration program where you need to show your potential to important investors.encial y el de tu negocio a importantes Inversionistas.

Step 2

The Selection Committee, formed by experts from diverse innovation and business backgrounds, will be in charge of the selection decision in a lapse of one month (maximum).

Step 3

In case your company qualifies you should start the Startup Visa tramits. This process will take maximum 3 months.

Step 4

Once your Visa is approved you’ll ve ready for the Softlanding program in France!