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Overview of innovation around the world to combat COVID-19:

1. Covid Box Project . was developed by a group of volunteers in Toronto. This product is a « build a flat-packed plastic box to help protect medical workers while intubating COVID-19 patients. » The design was conceived by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan.
« He designed the box to deal with the challenge of safely intubating patients with COVID-19. He open-sourced the design for other doctors to use globally. » The aim is to protect the caries workers as much as possible and thus reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
2. Bione Ventures Pvt Ltd is a B2C platform developed by an Indian biotech startup, used for genetic and microbiome testing. It has launched an in-home coronavirus screening kit that allows the user to quickly detect whether he or she is infected with COVID-19 while staying at home. The startup can supply 20,000 kits per week.
Last week the startup had the approval of the autority to license this product, but it was stop by Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation that not gave is approval. This crisis is constantly evolving and there are new regulatory standarts implemented each day.
3. HearO is a product developed by Cordio Med , an Israeli startup that allows the analysis of a patient’s voice recordings and can measure fluid accumulation and detect lung deterioration. This technology has been tested in different hospitals in Israel. It has allowed to anticipate pre-deterioration 10 days before hospitalization of these people with 80% accuracy.
4. Digemy is an Edutech platform that allows users to better know and understand the dangers of coronavirus. This platform has been developed by a South African startup and has been designed in a simplified and fun way. It also teaches practical methods to avoid contracting or spreading the virus, the effects of social distancing, the steps to detect the virus … The spread of viruses also requires education and our ability to understand and contain the pandemic.
5. Epiguard is a Norwegian startup that specializes in the safe transport of infected patients. Their product EpiShuttle is a medical transport capsule that isolates the patient infected with a virus (such as covid) that requires a great deal of intention.
When the patient is isolated in this protective capsule, doctors don’t have to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during transport. Those different technologies, some of which existed prior to the pandemic, once again help to meet the international need to resolve this crisis.

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